Who can apply

Incubation Proposals are invited in the following two areas:

TECHNOLOGY : Bio-tech, Clean-Tech, Environment tech, Material science, Sensor Technology, Internet of Things & Intelligent systems

SOCIAL : Transformational area that address systematic, social challenges


Application for business incubators C-Bridge is open to the following

  • Faculty Members from University Campus.
  • Students and Alumni of the University Departments.
  • SPPU’s R&D partners (sponsor companies) or any other organization wanting an off shoot of its existing business.
  • SPPU’s partner Universities / Institutions of University Campus.
  • Agencies associated with SPPU’s research & innovation.
  • Gross root innovator who has innovative idea./ Proposals for Incubation (Business Incubator) must meet with one or more of the following parameters
  • Proposals with Intellectual Property (IP) generated at SPPU & transferred to the company for a consideration.
  • IP belonging to Faculty / Student / Alumni created outside SPPU. & transfered to the company.
  • Proposals that have social & strategic impacts.
  • Proposals having interaction and involvement with SPPU facilities with or without use of SPPU facilities.
  • Proposals with large potential for generation of resource create visibility & impact for the centre’s Incubation activities.
  • Proposals selected by the centre shall be required to register as private limited company within the meaning of the Company Act, 1956 in 3 months of getting admitted in the Incubation Centre if not already registered. Applicants must fulfil above criteria for getting admission in the Incubation Centre for making application.

    Companies that are promoted by students enrolled for full-time degree / Masters degree at the University shall not be offered Incubation if the student is holding executive position. However, companies promoted by students are eligible to apply provided student is not actively engaged with the company beyond any engagement which is permitted by the University or has six months to pass the final year of degree / Masters Program.

    How To apply

    Procedure for Application

    1. Applicants will be required to submit a application form that would be available on the University website and provide the following:

      Business Plan

      Business plan should cover the basic of the business proposition, product and / or service being offered, demand assessment, competitors analysis, capital structure, funding requirements, milestones and timelines, marketing plan, organization structure, risk analysis, projected financials and scalability.

      Details of IP / technology based on which company is proposed to be founded / promoted. In due course the process has to be completed of transfer of IP / Licensing of / Permission to use IP in favour of Incubate Company.

    2. Evaluation of the proposal by expert committee

      Basic initial evaluation of the Business plan / Executive summary. The centre will arrange a meeting of the company founders to be made to the Panel / Committee. On the basis of merit of the proposal as decided by the expert committee final decision will be taken on inclusion of the company as incubate in the centre.

      Some criteria’s used for Evaluation of the proposal are as follows (Not limited to these)

      1) Strength of product idea in terms of its Innovation, Content, market potential and timelines.

      2) Potential of idea for IP creation and IP already generated.

      3) Extent of involvement of SPPU faculty.

      4) Strength of core business team.

      5) Viability of raising finance for the company.

      6) Break-even period.

      Centre will have the sole discreation whether to admit or reject a proposal for Incubation and the centre’s decision in this regard shall be final centre is not bound to give any reason in case a proposal is rejected.
    3. Companies / ideas that qualify to be admitted to the Incuabation Centre shall be required to do the following within 3 months of receiving acceptance letter.

      1) Registration of the company as private limited company as per the Company Sec. Act, 1956 if not already registered.

      2) Provide centre stakes of 6% for the usage of infrastructure & facilities at the Incubation Centre.

      3) Provide information to the centre on Intellectual Property (IP) that can be a patent, software code, copyright, design registration, developed product or alike.

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